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4 Reasons Healthy People Should Visit The Dentists More Often

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

The relationship between health and beauty is interesting. There was a time when the evidence of a healthy body beneath the skin would invariably show on the surface. Now, however, we live in the golden age of the shortcut. We can get the appearance of a healthy body with relative ease, no matter what the state of the machinery of our bodies beneath the surface. From skin and hair treatments to tooth whitening and even cosmetic surgeries, these shortcuts can create a disparity between what we see on the surface and the realities under the skin. That’s not to say that any of the above treatments and procedures are bad by any means. But it does mean that we need to pay just as much attention to what’s going on “under the hood” so to speak.

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One example of this is our dental health. We have a range of miraculous tools at our disposal to keep our teeth looking and feeling great from advanced toothpastes and antibacterial mouthwashes to home whitening kits. However, these useful things don’t mean that we shouldn’t still visit the dentist regularly. If it’s been a while since you last sat in the chair, here are some reasons why you should schedule an appointment soon…

They’re trained to help you manage anxieties and phobias

If you have an uncontrollable and irrational fear of the dentist, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians haven’t made a dental appointment for a year or more due to a fear or phobia. But most dentists have the facilities and the patience to help you manage your phobias and anxieties and can arrange a phased introduction to help you slowly overcome your fears and get the critical help you need. 

They can help correct a range of problems and restore your confidence

If you always feel self conscious about the way you smile because you need some corrective or restorative dental work, no amount of brushing or flossing will allow you to smile with confidence. What’s more, over time these issues may alter your bite resulting in complications later. A good dentist will have a range of cosmetic, corrective and restorative processes available to you. Check out this North Vancouver Dentist for a good example. They can provide everything you need to get smiling with confidence again. 

A quick clean today can save you from major surgery later

Over time, tartar buildup on your teeth can cause gum disease and a receding of the gum line which may eventually lead to tooth loss. Tartar can form in pockets that push the gums back and your only recourse may be ossuary surgery. Regular checkups and cleaning can help prevent this from happening.

They can see a range of serious illnesses coming before even your doctor

Finally, there are many serious conditions that manifest in the teeth, gums, tongue and mouth before symptoms start to appear elsewhere in the body. As such, your dentist may be the first person to see the early signs of a serious condition so that you have the best possible chance of beating it quickly!

When was the last time you visited a dentist?

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