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DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

DIY: Bamboo Spice JarsAnother installment of #HouseHusband work.. but this time, it’s slightly more on the #HouseWife side haha. My pantry has been such a mess with all my spices, so I searched all over online & in store for the perfect spice jars. I finally found the perfect spice jars on Amazon, heavily influenced by Pinterest! I couldn’t get this style of spice jar out of my head, so I knew I just had to get them.

DIY: Bamboo Spice JarsDIY: Bamboo Spice Jars

After carefully reading reviews, I purchased the 10pc, 200mL EZOWare Bamboo Spice Jar set ($44.99 CDN) off Amazon. Yes, it’s pricey for little glass jars.. but I don’t plan on ever having to replace these unless I break any or want more than 10 spices (which will most likely be the latter). I was actually hesitant on ordering these because they don’t have a shaker lid, but that was easily looked past when I realized I could scoop out teaspoons & tablespoons of each spice so much easier than the lids that only open half way (talk about a mess!). They also have a silicone rim for an air-tight seal, which helps to keep items fresh and protect against air moisture.

So, it took me a couple of days to narrow my decision down to which spice jars to purchase… which you’d think was the most “difficult” choice. But nope, you clearly don’t know me. Making decisions are my #1 fear in life (literally), so the next step was even harder: making the LABELS. I am not good with multiple choices to choose from, even with this set coming with black labels to narrow down my choices. The spice jars I saw off Pinterest had the cutest personalized labels, so I wanted to create them myself rather than handwrite them. If I have to look at these everyday, I want them to be aesthetically pleasing!

DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars

DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars

I designed my labels on Canva (click here to use my template for FREE!) Canva is also free to use, with options to pay for more features.. it’s really an amazing website to help you create images. It took me 2 days to narrow down my font choices and I’m super happy with how it looks. To get actual labels, I downloaded my design off Canva, then uploaded them onto StickerYouThis is where I made the actual labels and got to choose the size, type of label, etc. I chose their custom matte white vinyl labels that are removable. These were the best type of labels to choose for spice jars as they’re waterproof – perfect for when you need to wash them 🙂

DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars

Now, don’t go making my first mistake: I designed my labels on Microsoft Word and printed them on mailing labels. Sure, it looked great, but days later, they started to peel off the spice jars and any moisture from my hands left wet marks on the labels. Surely, these would not work after one wash. Also, if you look closely on the picture above at the jar on the left, you can see that I can’t even cut straight (it bothered me). Do yourself a favour and buy actual labels that are good quality! If you can’t or don’t want to make the labels yourself, there are tons available off Etsy (search spice jar labels)!

DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars DIY: Bamboo Spice JarsI’m SO happy with how my spice jars turned out. It was a fun little project that brings me joy every time I cook and use my spices! I even bought an acrylic 3 tier organizer to help display everything so it’s easier to see in my shelf. You can see above, a little “before & after” above. I don’t know anyone who buys all their spices from the same brand, so if you’re OCD about things being organized, these spices jars are the way to go! They can roughly fit the same amount of spices that are usually sold in grocery stores, so there’s no need to worry about them being too small or big. EZOWare also sells different sizes of these jars, so you can find a size for pretty much anything in your pantry.

SPICE JARS: (Canada) EZOWare Bamboo Spice Jar Set
(USA) EZOWare Bamboo Spice Jar Set

SPICE RACK: (Canada) 3-Tier Organizer
(USA) 3-Tier Organizer


LABELS: StickerYou


DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars

DIY: Bamboo Spice Jars


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