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beautyblender Blender’s Delight Beauty Bundle

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

beautyblender Blender's Delight Beauty BundleEvery time Sephora has a 20% VIB sale, I always manage to pick myself up some beautyblender’s. I always purchase online because they have a great deal on their website for the Two.BB.Clean (2 original beautyblender sponges and 1 bottle of their liquid cleanser) for $52 CDN which isn’t available in stores. However, this year I just happened to be in the mall, so I decided to shop in person instead. I still wanted to grab some beautyblender’s and noticed they had a Blender’s Delight Beauty Bundle which cost the same as the Two.BB.Clean.

beautyblender Blender's Delight Beauty Bundle beautyblender Blender's Delight Beauty Bundle

This kit includes 2 beautyblender’s in Original & Joy, 2 blendercleanser solid’s in Juicy Berry and Juicy Apple, and 1 Blender Defender beautyblender Protective Case. I think this kit might actually be more worth it as you’re getting an additional item aside from the sponges and cleansers. I love the protective case as it’s perfect for placing your sponge in after use to dry, and to keep it safe while travelling. It is bit on the large side, but it’s the perfect fit for it when it’s wet and has expanded.

beautyblender Blender's Delight Beauty Bundle beautyblender Blender's Delight Beauty Bundle

I would definitely recommend picking this up from Sephora or even asking for it for Christmas! beautyblender is my number one pick for cosmetic sponges, but the price sometimes deters me from making regular purchases. I only pick these up when there is a sale, and I always get some sort of cleanser with it. No other cleansers have ever gotten my beautyblenders as clean as when I use their cleansers. These sponges, when wet, apply my makeup so smoothly and never leave any streaks!

If you want to grab this for yourself (or as a gift for someone else), check out Sephora.com. This set is $52 CDN.

Blender’s Delight Beauty Bundle

I purchased this item from Sephora during their VIB 20% off sale.

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