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Blow Out & a New Purse

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

These past couple of weeks were full of watching the Toronto Raptors (the only Canadian basketball team)! This is the first time in their franchise history that they’ve made it to the NBA Finals, so you know the whole country has been in an uproar with excitement! With all the games going on, I’ve been going out more to watch the games with my boyfriend and friends.. and such an occasion would usually mean sportswear, but nope, not me! I take it as an opportunity to go all out haha.

I was able to team up with¬†Blo Bar – Lakeshore Village to promote their blow out and makeup services (you can check out my instagram for more information!). I’ve been to other Blo Bar locations in the past and always loved getting my hair done there! This time I wanted to try something new and get braids at the top of my head, with curls everywhere else. I loved it SO much, I’ve actually booked another appointment with them in 2 weeks for my birthday!

The same day, I went to a huge sports bar called Gametime to watch the game. A quick change of outfit to rock with my new hairdo, and to match my new white Rattan purse from Amerii! (If you want to check out purses like this, check out Amerii -> https://www.amerii.com).

Where are some places that you like to get dolled up for?

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