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Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer

UPDATE: I’ve been using this more and more over the summer, and I must say, I do see a difference in my makeup compared to not wearing this under it. Especially in the summer heat, and long days.. my makeup truly stays on longer and looks flawless the entire day. I found that if I applied this after moisturizer, really mixed it in my hands to “pop” the beads, and let it sink into my skin for at least 2-3 minutes before applying makeup, it works much better and my makeup doesn’t seem to smear it. However, I do find it takes a while for the beads to actually disperse, and sometimes they don’t all “break down”.. I would prefer this primer if it didn’t have the beads to be honest.

Primers seem to be a hit or miss with people. I’m on the fence with them only because I’ve never actually noticed any huge difference in my skin/makeup when using them. I always apply moisturizer before applying my makeup, so I find when I apply a primer, my makeup never sits properly on my skin, and if I apply my foundation with too much pressure, I find it almost lifts or smears the primer and I’m left with a blotchy/streaky mess.

When I received Revlon’s Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer, I wasn’t that excited. I mean, I was in LOVE with the bottle and colour of the product as soon as I saw it, and I was hoping this primer would exceed my expectations since I’ve never had a good impression with any other primer.

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer

Revlon’s Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer is a water based primer, infused with botanical extracts, luminous quartz, and skin-hydrating beads. You can use it alone for a radiant boost, or under makeup and have your skin feeling moisturized for up to 24 hours. This primer has hydrating oil beads inside it, so to use this primer, you first have to place a few drops in your hands, then rub together to “melt” the oil beads and mix all the product together. Then you can apply it all over your face for radiant skin.

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer

The first time I used this Rose Glow Primer, I didn’t really notice the beads and didn’t rub it together in my hands well enough so when I went to apply it on my face, I had these little clumps all over my skin from the beads not breaking down enough. It was then that I decided to read the bottle, and then actually noticed there were beads inside haha. I tried this for the first time without makeup, and didn’t see any difference in my skin – not even a shimmer from the product (which is probably a good thing, otherwise I’d look like I had highlighter all over!). I wore it another day with makeup over it, and I noticed my foundation didn’t sit entirely perfect over it, but it wasn’t bad enough that I had to redo my makeup. As I said, I don’t use primer enough anyways, so I can’t even say if my makeup is just sitting differently on my skin because of the primer or if that’s how it’s supposed to be and I’m just not used to it (I’m thinking it’s not supposed to be like that..). The one good thing to note is that it absorbs quickly and didn’t leave my skin oily at all.

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer

Primer on my skin (you can see the skin-hydrating beads here – they almost look like air bubbles)

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer

All rubbed into my skin – no shimmer or noticeable difference

After using this a couple times, I don’t think I would spend the money to repurchase this. I don’t see a need for it in my current skincare and makeup regimen. However, with my limited experience using primers, I wouldn’t necessarily trust my judgement as I don’t have a ton of experience with other brands. I will definitely continue to use it, even on it’s own for some extra moisture. I am more obsessed with the packaging and the colour of the product more than anything, which is probably why I want to love it so much.

Revlon’s Photoready Rose Glow Hyrdrating + Illuminating Primer is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart for $17.99 CDN.

Have you tried Revlon’s Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer? What are your thoughts?

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