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RevAir – The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

If you have frizzy, textured hair (or anything but straight hair) you’ll know how long it takes to get it styled after you wash it. I, personally, plan my hair washing and styling depending on how my week looks. I have naturally frizzy, wavy hair so for me to wash it, blow dry it, then have to straighten/curl my hair takes more than an hour and a half. It’s truly time consuming and a bit of a chore. It takes up so much time, that I almost don’t want to do anything else afterwards. THANKFULLY, I somehow got blessed by the hair gods and was gifted the RevAir – my secret-not-so-secret hair tool that lets me dry AND straighten all in one.

A couple of months ago I actually stumbled upon a post from RevAir on Instagram stating that they were going to have shipping available to Canada. I had no idea what the RevAir was, but was intrigued when I saw all their hair posts. I spent a considerable amount of time on their Instagram and website to see what this “reverse air dryer” was, since I’ve never seen anything like it! Let me tell you – this thing is REVOLUTIONARY!

The RevAir is the first and only reverse air dryer, which dries and straightens your hair in one step. It works 3x faster than a traditional hair dryer by drying your hair in the natural direction of hair growth, which also helps smooth it out (think of this as a hair vacuum!). With the use of suction, the RevAir doesn’t need as much heat as other tools, as its intrinsic tension replaces the need for a brush to pull hair straight, saving hair from friction.  What’s great about this tool is that you can literally start using it once you get out of the shower (it actually works best on towel dried hair).

The RevAir consists of a heat producing wand, a filter, and the base unit. It’s very simple to put together at first, and even easier to use. You turn on the RevAir using the on/off switch on the top of the unit, under the teal handle. The dial on the side of the unit is where you select 1 of 7 speed settings. The power of the reverse-air provides the tension needed to straighten hair. Different hair types (wavy vs. curly) and thickness need different levels of reverse-air speed. I started with a speed of 2 until I got the hang of it, and slowly worked it’s way up to a speed of 4. I tried speed 5, but my hair just got tangled at the ends.

The Heat Producing Wand has 3 temperature settings – cold shot, low heat (400 watts), and high heat (800 watts). Even though the RevAir has these heat settings, they are much less powerful than a traditional blow dryer. Since it uses reverse-air, it doesn’t need as much heat – leaving you with soft, smooth hair without the damage! The open chamber on the end of the hose is where you put your hair into. Your hair will actually go straight down into the wand, opposed to it being sucked into the side of the wand (this is actually the heat chamber).

When the RevAir is on, it’s very noisy. To be fair, this is very powerful and I imagine it to have a big motor, so if it was quiet, I’d assume it didn’t work as well. Yes, it’s powerful but there is no tugging, pain, or high heat so it’s very comfortable to use. Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair, it might take anywhere between 30-90 seconds to dry each section of your hair. It also takes little effort on our part (as the user) – you just need to separate your hair into sections and feed it into the wand. You hold it up to the roots of your hair and leave it still until the section is dried. I’ve seen people actually “pumping” it up and down their section of hair, but you really just hold it in place and let it do it’s job.

As you can see from my photos, the RevAir is also not a tiny little device that you can store in your drawer until next use.. it’s big and bulky! However, the only negative things I can say about the RevAir is that it’s loud and bulky. The good things about this FAR outweigh it. It DRIES and STRAIGHTENS your hair in wayyy less time than if you were to use a blow dryer and straightener, it’s less damaging on your hair (compared to using a blow dryer and straightener, and by constantly brushing it out), and it cuts down the total amount of time you’ll spend on doing your hair.

I would highly recommend grabbing on of these up! They are a great investment.. I would definitely pay more for a great product if it also meant saving time and having healthier, smoother hair!


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I received this product complimentary as part of an affiliate program.

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