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Weddingstar – Bachelorette Games

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Weddingstar - Bachelorette Games

The countdown is officially on for my wedding (2 months to go!), and so I celebrated my bachelorette over the September long weekend to take advantage of the warmer weather. I was looking for a bunch of games to play since we chose to go to a cottage, and I found a few things over at Weddingstar that were just perfect!

Weddingstar Inc. has thousands of decor, gifts, games, and other products to help make your events spectacular! I do have other items to share, so keep an eye out for future posts. For now, I’m going to share some of their games..

Weddingstar - Bachelorette Games Weddingstar - Bachelorette Games Weddingstar - Bachelorette Games

These Gold Foil All In Playing Cards are the cutest set of cards I’ve ever seen! These went perfectly with my theme of the bachelorette (White, Gold, Black) and I just loved playing card games with them. Josh was particularly happy to see I got these because we don’t even have a set of our own to play with at home. I just love the gold hearts and the “All in” script, the font is so pretty to look at! These are available in many other styles as well, starting at $3.69 CDN.

Weddingstar - Bachelorette Games Weddingstar - Bachelorette GamesOk, this was THE game I was waiting for and couldn’t wait to play –Drunken Tower (adult version of Jenga!). This game is already fun to begin with, and then the addition of drinking… you’re all in for a very quick way to get drunk! When you play with a bunch of your friends, it’s really manageable.. but I played it at home after my bachelorette with Josh (1-on-1), and luckily we didn’t play with shots, otherwise we would’ve gotten drunk way too quickly!! This game is seriously dangerous and I love it! It’s available for $32.00 CDN.

Weddingstar has many other games, on top of their huge list of inventory. I am just blown away with the quality of their products, as well as their customer service! I HIGHLY recommend checking out their website if you’re looking to buy anything wedding related.

Which product would you play first at your bachelorette??


Sponsored Post, as some of the items in this post were purchased using a discount.

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