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Keeping Yourself Safe As A Digital Nomad

by Maddy (spilledpolish)
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Let’s face it; staying safe is a priority for us all. However, the need to take precautions is even greater when you live the life of a digital nomad.

As a growing number of people turn to the prospect of becoming a digital nomad, the harsh reality is that criminals are ready to take advantage. Likewise, there are plenty of new challenges that you may not have faced in your old life. Here are some top tips to ensure you stay protected. 

Stay Protected Online

As a digital nomad, it’s very likely that the majority of your work will be conducted online. Consequently, then, it is essential that you place an emphasis on cybersecurity. Firstly, never use an unsecured public Wi-Fi network. Even if the Wi-fi network is secure, you should probably use a VPN for added protection.

Your laptop isn’t the only source of vulnerability. Learning how to change IP address on iPhone is another important step. Of course, you should also take advantage of all modern security features. Like biometric scanning and two-step authentication. This should keep you protected from online attacks.

When working in public places, you also want to ensure that nobody can see private info. A privacy film can be added to your screen to help you here.

Research The Local Laws & Crime Issues

Staying protected in the digital arena is vital, but you also need to think about local issues. When moving to a new location, you must remember that the situation may be different from what you’re used to back home. There could be tighter laws on jaywalking, alcohol consumption, and a host of other issues.

Researching the laws in the new jurisdiction is pivotal. However, you should also consider what crimes are most common in the location. Similarly, there may be areas that you should avoid at night. You can use personal safety alarms to notify others when you’re in danger. But it’s better to avoid the danger period.

Ignoring this issue could put you in danger or lead to jail time or fines. Educating yourself on the local situation is vital.

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Keep Loved Ones In The Know

While becoming a digital nomad brings many benefits, leaving loved ones behind is tough. Thankfully, modern tech means it is now far easier to stay in touch with them. Not only is it a great way to maintain your happiness levels and create a smooth transition to the new life. It can also aid your safety.

As a digital nomad, knowing how to make new friends is pivotal. However, it may take some weeks to do this. In the meantime, nobody would know if something happens to you. Whether it’s setting up location tracking so loved ones can see your movements or arranging a weekly Facetime doesn’t matter. Maintaining a connection with home is vital.

Besides, your loved ones will be eager to know that you are OK and gain insight into your wonderful adventures.

Get Insured

Finally, it’s important to recognize that dangers posed by other people aren’t the only issue. There are many possible health risks to consider. They range from food poisoning to accidents while exploring your temporary home. Or you may simply become ill in the same way that this can happen in your hometown.

Either way, it’s important that you can gain access to medical support when required. International healthcare plans are advisable when touring different nations. Or if you are moving through different parts of the U.S. and Canada, you may want to focus on Medicare plans that cover you in multiple locations.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Besides, the knowledge that you have plans in place will provide the peace of mind that you deserve.

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