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Lolë – Jamie Belt Bag

by Maddy (spilledpolish)


I am absolutely obsessed with belt bags / fanny packs. With their uprise in popularity, prices for them have risen quite a bit depending on the brands/styles. Lolë has their own line of Jamie Belt Bags, and to my surprise they’re really affordable! At only $29 CDN, they’re much cheaper than their competition. You would think with an affordable price point that it would be just a basic belt bag, but nope – the bag itself has many pockets and great quality features. Let’s take a look…

The strap of the bag itself is thick and is branded with the Lolë logo (in the same colour), which isn’t too much of an “eyesore”. It compliments the bag nicely, which allows for the product to be the main focal point vs. their logo. The front of the bag also features a quick access pocket and a little key ring.

The inside of the belt bag is big, with a 1L capacity and also includes 2 compartments for easy organizing! There’s also another key ring inside. I find all these additions really set this belt bag apart from other brands, as it makes it super convenient to have everything on you. I do have a Herschel Hip Pack, but it only has 1 big pocket and has a higher price point. I really love the versatility of the Lolë Jamie Belt Bag!

The Lolë Jamie Belt Bag comes in 12 colours – the one pictured here is in “Iris”. 

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