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Three reasons why you should get a wedding website

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but it can also feel a little overwhelming, with so many different people to coordinate. Whilst many couples send out classic paper save the date cards and invites, the chances are that they’ll have to answer at least one question from almost every guest via text during the planning process. Not only is this time consuming, but it can also add extra stress. This is especially true when you consider you’ll send the save the date cards around 18 months before the wedding date

To combat this, some people choose to set up a wedding website. These can be tailored to the needs of each couple, accounting for everything from RSVPs to wedding photos after the big day. It can feel like making one is just adding to your pile of ‘wedmin’, but in this post, we show you three reasons why it’s worth the effort in the long run.

Keep all your information in one place

The annoying part of answering wedding questions via text is that you often end up repeating yourself with various different guests. Often, these questions come in during the last days before the actual ceremony – just when you want to be focusing on relaxing in preparation for your upcoming nuptials. Having a wedding website will allow you to post the answers to common questions for guests to check before asking you, which saves their time and yours. 

You can also go into more detail on a website than you might do otherwise. From sharing the schedule for the day, to uploading the meal plan, it’s a lot easier to do this online than typing it all out multiple times.

Easy for guests to refer back to

Lots of people will just ask a question twice, rather than search back through your message history or try and find the information on the invite. A wedding website means that they can find the answers to their questions multiple times, and check it at any time they need – meaning no more last minute requests for the name of the nearest hotel for you.

Additionally, some guests like to know which suppliers you’ve used for your wedding if they’re planning their own big day or party. If you’re happy with their services and want to make a recommendation, you could upload the links of all the suppliers to your wedding website for your guests to explore. 

Make it easier for any guests with additional needs

It might not be something you’ve considered, but some guests may need extra information for their own peace of mind. For example, some people with anxiety or neurodivergent conditions like autism may find it hard to attend a wedding due to the noise, social interaction and general lack of control over the day. 

Including photos of the room layout (or at least a link to the venue website) and specific details such as the wedding menu may seem unnecessary to many people, but they’ll help these guests feel more comfortable attending your celebrations. You can also include details of any accessibility accommodations such as ramps and hearing aid loops to help everyone attending feel as welcome as possible. 

Use technology to help you plan your wedding

A wedding website might not feel as romantic as carefully chosen paper invitations, but it certainly wins in terms of practicality. There’s no need to ditch the traditional invites, but providing extra information in this way will help your guests and in turn reduce your stress leading up to the big day. 

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