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Going Off The Beaten Track When Travelling Abroad

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

If you’re someone who likes to truly learn a country when you visit it, you’re definitely going to be interested in going off the beaten track. You don’t want to be doing what everyone else is; you don’t want to be sightseeing in the same way, or eating at the same tourist hotspots. No, you want to be out there, finding your own way, discovering your own hidden gems, and having a great trip all on your own! But to do that, you’re going to need to prepare. You need to be able to find the non-beaten track, and follow it all the way down, until you’re happy with what you’ve seen and what you’ve snapped pictures of. So, here’s a few ideas to get you started on your journey. 

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Stay Just Outside a Capital

If you’re looking to go off the beaten track, but you still want to stay in touch with civilization (as well as have access to all of the sights an inner city link would get you to…), make sure you’re booking a hotel or hostel just outside of the capital city. It could even work with a main city in general, depending on what you’re looking for for your vacation. 

Prices are cheaper in the outskirts, and on the edge of the city limits, and there’s a lot more room to move and breathe in! You won’t be swarmed by fellow tourists, and you’ll rarely get in the way of a local trying to go about their business. At the same time, you’ll have access to both the rural and metropolitan parts of the country you’re visiting, and find yourself quite nicely situated between the two. 

Find a Hiking Trail

Hiking trails can be popular in their own right, yes, but they’re usually far less crowded and beaten than sidewalks and roads in the big towns and cities. Hiking trails don’t necessarily count as tourist hotspots, despite being tourist-friendly, simply because they only attract a certain type of visitor. 

Let’s say you’re headed to Australia – what do you first think of when that name is mentioned? Bondi Beach, Uluru, maybe even Sydney Opera House itself? On the other hand, do you know Australia’s hiking trails by name? Probably not! And whilst you’re in Australia, making your way through the top 5 things to do, make sure you find yourself on the doorstep of a Kakadu National Park tours company. A guided tour down one of these trails is just off the beaten track enough to be a great travel activity for someone like you.  

Don’t Follow the Main Route

Following on from the point above, try to stay away from the main roads and walkways. Take back roads, and go down the scenic routes, and let yourself get lost every now and then. You’ve got a GPS in the car with you, or a map in the backpack, so it’s no sweat really! 

Are you ready to hit the non-beaten track? 

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