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Australia Travel Advice You Need To Know

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When planning a trip Down Under, getting carried away with excitement is easy. Between cute koalas, amazing surf beaches, and laid-back locals, there are many reasons to visit the country. However, to make the most of your vacation, there are several things you must know. Like with anywhere you travel to, researching Australia before your visit is sensible. This will save you from any embarrassment or confusion. With that in mind, here are six essential Australia travel tips.

Learn The Local Slang

Aussies might speak English, but not like most people know it. There are many slangs and other differences in Australian English. To understand what’s being said, you should learn a few new words before going away. While there are many phrases you won’t need to know, understanding that thongs are flip flops and that arvo means afternoon will certainly make your break easier.

Make A Travel Itinerary

Australia isn’t a small place. A flight from one side of the country to the other would last over five hours, while driving would take several days. Thankfully, every city is so vast that there is plenty to see and do. There are hundreds of cool attractions in Perth, so you wouldn’t have to travel elsewhere. To make the most of your trip away, plan a travel itinerary that includes the hotspots.

Swim Between The Flags

Visitors often flock to Australia for the beautiful beaches. However, whether you swim or surf, you must follow the rules. Although the beaches are gorgeous, they have hidden dangers. A riptide could easily pull you out to sea, while sharks could cause bigger issues. Swimming between the flags and on beaches patrolled by lifeguards will lessen these threats and help to keep you safe.

Don’t Worry About Tips

Unlike many other countries, tipping in Australia isn’t required. Most bartenders, waiters, and hotel staff earn a good minimum wage. This means that they don’t rely on tips to supplement their income. All service charges will be included in the bill, so don’t worry about adding any extra. If you do receive exceptional service, any money you decide to give will likely go into a shared jar.

Prepare To Go Offline

The internet in Australia isn’t the best. While most other large countries have wifi connections everywhere, you’ll find it difficult to stay connected while away. Most wifi is slow and expensive, which is why many people buy a hotspot instead. The best part about a portable hotspot is that many also double up as a power bank, so you can charge your phone while surfing the net.

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Wear Plenty Of Sunblock

A vacation in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach. After all, the weather is glorious during peak season, and the beaches are even better. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t soak up rays without wearing sunblock. A thinner ozone layer makes Australia’s sun incredibly harsh. Not only does the country heat up quickly, but the rays can cause serious harm to your skin.

Before a vacation in Australia, make sure you understand the essential travel advice above.

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