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iDeal of Sweden – Rosy Reef Marble Phone Case

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

iDeal of Sweden - Rosy Reef Marble Phone CaseIt feels like forever since I got a new phone case. I’ve been holding off because I wasn’t sure if I wanted a new phone or not, and since I haven’t ever gotten around to it, I figured a new phone case would be just the thing to make me feel like I have a new phone. iDeal of Sweden reached out to me a couple of weeks ago, wanting me to share a phone case of my choice with you all and I couldn’t be happier. iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand for cellphone accessories, and they’re just breaking into the Canadian market.

iDeal of Sweden - Rosy Reef Marble Phone Case

iDeal of Sweden’s website is very easy to use. I have an iPhone 7, so I wanted to only see cases and accessories available for my phone model. It was easy to navigate to each section of their store, and filter it by phone model. Now, the only hard part was actually picking a case! iDeal of Sweden has over 150 cases available for just my phone model.. so I can only imagine how many phone cases they have available in total. It took me a long time to finally narrow down my choices, and thankfully on each listing there are numerous photos of each product. I ultimately went with their Rosy Reef Marble fashion phone case because my iPhone is pink and white and I knew it would match perfectly.

iDeal of Sweden - Rosy Reef Marble Phone Case

iDeal of Sweden’s Rosy Reef Marble fashion phone case features a gorgeous rosey pink marble design. It’s described as having a singular design which creates a feel of moving water over the coral reef. I really like how the colours on this phone case aren’t too “in your face”. It’s a really subtle pink – almost beige tinted. This makes it look so elegant and fitting for any age. The phone case itself is made from flexible, but durable plastic and is lined with suede interior to prevent scratches. It also wraps firmly around my phone, feeling very secure and I know it won’t randomly pop off.

iDeal of Sweden - Rosy Reef Marble Phone Case

A look at the inside of the phone case and the suede lining

This particular phone case from iDeal of Sweden is $59.99 CDN, but their phone cases seem to range from $25-79.99 CDN. They also carry a ton of other accessories for your phones such as cable chargers, phone holders, screen protectors, etc. I would really recommend these phone cases because the quality is really there. From the colours, quality of print of the design, and the material it’s made from, you’ll really get your moneys worth!


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