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Qalo – Laurel Silicone Ring

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Qalo - Laurel Silicone Ring

Before I got engaged, I always knew I’d want a silicone ring. I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all wearing my real engagement ring while I go to the gym or if I travel. Within the first month of being engaged, you bet I bought myself a silicone ring! I’ve worn it quite a bit, so I’m pretty pleased with this purchase.

I bought the Laurel Silicone Ring from Qalo, in charcoal. I do have thin, yet long, fingers.. so a size 4 fit me perfectly! Which is more apparent to me that a size 4 is not the norm, and the average size is much bigger haha. I liked this style of ring as soon as I saw it in store (I picked this up from a sports store in my local mall), and it was meant to be because it was the only one available in my size! I like the charcoal colour because it can match anything I wear. However, the ring does come in other colours (pink, green, blue, purple) which are so pretty! I was contemplating between the purple and charcoal, but ultimately decided on the charcoal colour.

Qalo - Laurel Silicone Ring

This silicone ring from Qalo has a flat silhouette which makes it very comfortable! I almost don’t notice that I’m wearing it. I’ve even caught myself checking or feeling for a ring throughout the day because I don’t feel it on. Qalo’s exclusive Q2X Silicone Material stands up to the toughest environments (such as the gym, office, bar etc). It has an imprinted “Q” on the ring, which to me, looks like a placeholder for a diamond, among the ridges going around the ring. The ring is 10x more resistant to gasoline, oil and solvents than traditional silicone – which, I hope isn’t a huge issue for me as I don’t handle these types of chemicals. Perhaps, 100% acetone.. but when I’m painting my nails, I try not to even wear any jewelry to avoid any mishaps.

Qalo - Laurel Silicone Ring

If I were to recommend a backup engagement ring to someone, I would definitely tell them to pick up a silicone ring! I was honestly thinking of looking for a knock off ring that looks similar to mine, but even then, it could turn green if it’s not real, or it could be damaged just as easily. Not something I’d want to deal with, especially if I travel.

Do you have a Qalo silicone ring?

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