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Aletta Bridal – Faux Fur Shawl (& Giveaway)

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Aletta Bridal - Faux Fur Shawl

With wedding season¬†hopefully coming to a start, I am counting down the days until my own wedding. Hopefully this November, the Coronavirus will have died down and I can have my wedding – otherwise, I’ll have to push it out. Not the end of the world, but I’m just not looking forward to having to push it out & rebook all my vendors, or even have to find new ones if some aren’t available. The good thing about being able to blog and be on social media, is that I can get my mind off thinking about postponing, and more on just getting excited to get married! Aletta Bridal sent me their Faux Fur Shawl, and it definitely got me excited about my big day!

Aletta Bridal - Faux Fur Shawl

Aletta Bridal is located in Chicago, Illinois but also has an online shop to purchase majority of their items. They specialize in bodices and skirts, where you can mix up their pieces for your perfect look! They have a ton of accessories for the big day too – veils, jackets, jewelry, and bags. I received their Faux Fur Shawl and I love it more than I thought I would! It’s really good quality, and I know when I wear it in the Fall it’ll keep me warm & looking stylish!


If you love this faux fur shawl and want to win your own, check out my post on Instagram (click above). My giveaway is open to USA & Canada and ends on June 7, 2020.

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