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I got Engaged!

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

I got Engaged!

After a whirlwind of a week and a half, I’m excited to share that I just got ENGAGED!!

My boyfriend & I have been dating since we were in highschool, so this has been a long awaited engagement. That only means wedding planning is now in FULL EFFECT! I’m already in way over my head with every step of planning so far, and I’ve only been engaged since June 29th… hahaha. But this is so exciting and new, so I’m enjoying every minute.

I got Engaged!My boyfriend fiance totally surprised me with his proposal. We were at an arcade/amusement centre because I had points to redeem since 2014 and I wanted to use them up before it was too late. I mean, I had already waited 5 years.. so it was a gamble at this point if they would let me use them or not. Well they did let me use them, so we bought a card with enough credits on it to play for at least an hour. At the end of the night, we went to the prize area to redeem all our points for something and that’s where my fiance, Josh, had planted the ring. He had the manager put it in the glass display box with all the expensive prizes. When he “decided” on picking his prize (the ring), I had no idea what he was getting. All I saw was a big dark box – no labels or words written on the box.

So there I was, staring at this box and asking Josh what it was and why he’d choose that prize if he doesn’t even know what it is. Then he smiled at me and opened it to show me the ring! In my shock and confusion, I definitely asked “Are you serious right now?” about 5 times LOL. All I knew was I was there to pick a prize and next thing I know, he’s on a knee asking me to marry him! We’ve been together forever, but I honestly didn’t expect to get proposed that day, at that place. Totally blindsided! But I’m happy because if it was something totally romantic and over the top, I would’ve picked up on it and would’ve told him to get it over with hahaha.

I got Engaged!

I got Engaged!

The ring is a vintage halo design, and it even has our initials (J & M) on the band itself, opposed to it being engraved. I am not only partial to blue diamond engagement rings but colorless ones as well, so it’s EXACTLY what I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier with the ring. I have really long skinny fingers, so I think the ring is the perfect size for me. It will be even nicer once I have my wedding band too 🙂

Anyways, get ready for a lot of wedding related posts to come over the next year!

I got Engaged!Purple geode coaster from Carli D


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