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Wedding Venue: The Arlington Estate

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Wedding Venue: The Arlington Estate

During my process to find a wedding venue, I researched tons of places online and narrowed my choices down to three venues that I wanted to visit. The Arlington Estate was the second venue Josh & I visited. Not only did the venue itself blow us away, but the service and staff topped it off. The luxury experience was definitely felt, and although it was over our budget, we were glad to choose The Arlington Estate as our wedding venue. Let me tell you more about the venue and why we chose it.

The Arlington Estate was designed from the ground up by owner Ramy Sallal. When we sat down with Ramy at our initial consultation, he told us that he’s been in the industry for over 25 years and that’s what helped him design the perfect venue. The Arlington Estate was built off of a one-of-a-kind 1856 Heritage House (which can now be used to host ceremonies or smaller parties). I knew when I was looking for a venue, that I wanted something unlike a traditional banquet hall. Since we chose to get married in November, it’ll be cold and could possibly snow, so we wanted somewhere where we could take photos, get married, and have the reception; The Arlington Estate checked off all those boxes, plus more!

Wedding Venue: The Arlington Estate

The outside view (taken in July)

Wedding Venue: The Arlington Estate

The outside view (taken in February)

The Estate

The 7-acre venue itself provides ultimate luxury, from inside and out. Around the venue, you’ll find a 1.5-acre pond, ceremony gardens, private helicopter pad, and plenty of spots for photo ops. Throughout the year, the grounds are perfectly kept, and there are heated pathways which are always free of snow (which is great for winter weddings!). There is complimentary parking onsite, and even underground parking in case the weather doesn’t co-operate.

The Arlington Estate has two main spaces for weddings and events – the East Wing and the West Wing, alongside the ceremony gardens and Heritage Room for ceremonies. The East Wing (175 person max) and the West Wing (475 person max) are separate from each other, with the kitchen located in between both wings which ensures not only better sound proofing for each room, but also to ensure better food handling and temperature control. The Heritage Room is inside the venue, where you can have your on-site ceremony or smaller event, or you can hold your ceremony outside in their ceremony garden.

The Heritage Room

The Arlington Estate was built off of The Heritage House which was built in 1856. The room itself is 1,014 sq ft, with additional space above in the 416 sq ft mezzanine, and can seat up to 120 guests. Having this room, especially located right beside the East Wing, was definitely a selling feature. We chose to get married in November, so an indoor ceremony was a must. The layout of the space is very convenient for guests, so I knew this was perfect for our wedding. I can’t wait to get married in this room!

Wedding Venue: The Arlington Estate

The East Wing & The West Wing

As I had mentioned previously, The East Wing holds a max of 175 guests in its 2,850 sq ft room, or 300 guests if it’s a cocktail reception. Outside the room, is a private 450 sq ft terrace, which is enjoyable throughout the year. The West Wing is much larger and seats a max of 475 guests in its 6,538 sq ft room, or 800 if it’s a cocktail reception. Outside this room, there is also a private 2,600 sq ft terrace. The terraces are a great place to get some fresh air, view the property, or even watch fireworks if you choose to have them. We chose to go with the East Wing as our guest list wouldn’t be over 150.

Wedding Venue: The Arlington Estate

The Details

Okay, so the venue itself is gorgeous and has all the amenities needed, but I haven’t even gotten started into the key details! Each “wing” has its own entrance with security, as well as beautiful lobbies. You’d think the key designs stop there, but even the washrooms are beautiful. Honestly, Ramy and his team put the utmost thought into the layout and design of every inch of the estate. Not only did they think of the aesthetic piece, but they put careful attention into their drink and food selections. With either wing that you choose for your wedding, a premium bar selection is included. Their menu and bar package is fully customizable and there are so many options to choose from the menu. Oh, AND there are servers going around throughout your wedding with custom made wine carts to serve you & your guests drinks.

The Arlington Estate has also partnered up with the award winning entertainment company, bb Blanc, to provide advanced sound, lighting, and video equipment. These services are extra, but from the looks of it, and the consultation we had with bb Blanc, it will definitely amps up the rooms! I would have loved to use this service, as Josh & I were in love with what they could do with their lighting and the sound quality, but it was too out of our budget (I could easily get carried away with spending if I didn’t stick to a firm budget!).


The Arlington Estate

8934 Huntington Road

Vaughan, ON  L4H 4X1

Our wedding is in 18 DAYS and I can’t wait to celebrate the day at The Arlington Estate. Keep an eye out for another post when I’ll share pictures and our experience here.

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