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Flakie Squiggle Nails

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Flakie Squiggle Nails

I always seem to miss using nail guides after periods of not using them.. but then I do nail art again & realize how much time & work they are. However – it’s always worth it!

For these flakie squiggle nails, I started with one coat of BeBio – Base Coat. I then painted on two coats of Beyond the Nail – 24 Karat Martini (a Polish Pickup Exclusive). When it was FULLY dried, I went over it with one coat of PRO-FX – Quick Dry Topcoat and waited for that to be completely dry again. I grabbed a sheet of Squiggle Wavy Nail Guides from Beyond the Nail, and placed 4 across each nail. I painted/sponged over it with Beyond the Nail – Speak of the Devil. Immediately after, I peeled away the nail guides carefully to leave behind this fun squiggle design! I cleaned up around each nail with nail polish remover, and topped each nail off with one coat of BeBio Topcoat.

Flakie Squiggle Nails Flakie Squiggle Nails

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