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Purple & Neon Green Slime Nails

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Purple & Neon Green Slime Nails

Halloween nail art is my absolute favourite! I haven’t posted any nail art in months, but I couldn’t not do at least 1 this year. My nails have been breaking a lot lately, so I did these nails with fake nails – but I think they turned out really good!

Some of you might know that Beyond the Nail is no longer in business, so I won’t be linking back to the website or anything.. but I am sure you can find very similar colours or nail decals on Etsy from other shops.

Purple & Neon Green Slime Nails

I love the combination of neon green and purple for Halloween, and I saw some nail art on Pinterest that used these colours and I knew I had to do some of my own! I started by painting my pinky and ring fingers with three thin coats of Beyond the Nail – Neon Green. When they were fully dry, I placed a skull and crossbones nail decal on my pinky, and some blood drip nail guides on my ring finger and painted over that with a thick coat of Beyond the Nail – Aubergine. On my middle finger and index fingers, I painted them with two thin coats of Aubergine. On my middle finger, I sponged on a black tip using Beyond the Nail – Champignon for a nice gradient effect. I placed on some bat nail decals on my index finger as well. When all my nails were dry, I topped each nail off with a thick coat of glossy top coat.

Purple & Neon Green Slime Nails

I also used a matte topcoat for this awesome look. I think I like it better matte because you can see all the decals and details much better!

How will you be painting your nails for Halloween?

Do you like these Purple & Neon Green Slime Nails?

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