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Watercolour Drip Nails

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Watercolour Drip Nails

I love using our Blood Drip Nail Guides, but I think people will get sick of always seeing blood, so for these nails I wanted to do something different! I went for a watercolour drip look, which I think turned out much better than I imagined!

Watercolour Drip NailsWatercolour Drip Nails

As usual, I started my nails off with one coat of BeBio – Base Coat. After that, I painted on two thin coats of Beyond the Nail – Bright White. When it was completely dry, I stuck on a Blood Drip Nail Guide onto each nail. To achieve the watercolour look, I got a makeup sponge and painted on three lines down it using Beyond the Nail’s Blazing Blush, High Tide, Violet Creme. Using a dabbing motion, I sponged over the nail guides until I got the desired opaqueness from the nail polish. While still wet, I gently peeled away the nail guides and was left with these fun drips! I let them dry, then applied one coat of BeBio Topcoat.

Watercolour Drip Nails Watercolour Drip Nails

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