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Pink Blood Drip & Pumpkin Nails

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Pink Blood Drip & Pumpkin Nails

I was counting down the days until October so I could start doing some Halloween nail art! I have been SLACKING the past 2 years.. but I am hoping now with COVID & being home more, I will have more motivation to do some nail art (here’s hoping.. I’ve been saying  this every time I posted nail art in the past 2 years haha). My first look of the year are these adorable Pink Blood Drop & Pumpkin nails! I was super excited about these because pink is never associated with Halloween, but I wanted something different. My coworker saw them and asked “Why pink? Why not orange?” .. she doesn’t get it guys.. *sigh*

Pink Blood Drip & Pumpkin Nails

To start this nail art, I painted two coats of a Beyond the Nail – Blazing Blush. When it was fully dry, I placed over some Blood Drip Nail Guides over every nail, except my ring finger, and painted over it with Beyond the Nail – Deep Black. I immediately peeled away the nail guides and was left with these fun blood drips! On my ring finger, I applied some of these Mix n Match Pumpkin Face nail decals. I topped off each nail with one coat of OPI – Start to Finish, and went over my ring finger with about three coats of top coat to completely smooth it out because of the nail decals.

What do you think of these Pink Blood Drip & Pumpkin Nails?

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