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Halloween Nail Art Ideas

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Halloween is fast approaching, and nail art is always a super fun and easy way to celebrate! It’s subtle enough that you can rock different designs every day without feeling “over the top”. Over the years, Halloween & Christmas nail art has been my personal favourite, and I get so much traction on my blog and Pinterest so I figured I’d round up my most popular Halloween nail designs for you 🙂

These Glitter Blood & Pumpkin nails have been my #1 most viewed Halloween inspired nail art! I really do think the glitter blood takes these up a notch from a normally scary time of year. Glitter really does make anything that more fun 😉

Pink Blood Drip & Pumpkin NailsBlood drips seem to be my most popular design. I love them, and clearly the internet loves them too! My Pink Blood Drip & Pumpkin Nails are definitely a cute way to celebrate Halloween.

Ok, along with the blood drips, pumpkin face nails seem to a huge hit! These holographic and glittery nails were the best! Unfortunately, my nail line Beyond the Nail has been closed for over a year so we aren’t making/selling these pumpkin face nail decals any longer.. they definitely made nail art easy!

Halloween French Tip Manicure

Surprisingly, these glittery french tip nails are in my top 5 most searched Halloween nail art! I am shocked because they’re so simple – but to some, this might seem out of the box since there is glitter haha. BUT I am seeing a pattern now.. anything with blood drips, nail decals, and glitter are always a win!

Okay, if you made it this far, you already know.. blood drips & glitter. It’s a MUST for Halloween 🙂 This time, an unusual colour has been added which makes it a bit more cuter, especially for those who stay away from darker themed nails (black/orange). Definitely a great way to have a subtle impact with these Purple Glitter Blood Drip nails.


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Halloween Nail Art Ideas

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