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Scaredy Cat Halloween Nails

by Maddy (spilledpolish)

Scaredy Cat Halloween Nails

I love these Halloween Nails so much! The scaredy cat nail decal reminds me of the cat in Sailor Moon – does anyone remember that or am I aging myself? I would love for someone else to use the nail decals as they are super underrated – most people just use cat heads or paw prints. Halloween¬†might be cancelled this year due to COVID19, but you can still get into the spirit by dressing up your nails ūüėČ

To start this manicure off, I painted one coat of  BeBio РBase Coat. When it was fully dry, I painted each nail differently. My index finger, I painted three thin coats of Beyond the Nail РBirch Please. This was a limited edition polish for Polish Pickup from January 2020. On my middle finger, I painted two thin coats of Beyond the Nail РCitrouille from our 2018 Autumn Harvest Collection. When it dried, I placed on a Blood Drip Vinyl Nail Guide from Beyond the Nail, and painted over the nail with Beyond the Nail РHolographic Black Microglitter. I immediately took off the nail guide while the nail polish was still wet so I could get crisp lines. On my ring finger, I sponged on a layer of Holographic Gold Microglitter and applied a Scaredy Cat Nail Decal in black & a Mini Star Nail Decal in black over top. Lastly, on my pinky I painted two thin coats of Beyond the Nail РCitrouille. When it was dry, I placed on a Triangle Nail Decal in gold to the top. To finish off this manicure, I topped each nail off with one coat of BeBio Topcoat.

Scaredy Cat Halloween Nails

What’s your favourite part of my Scaredy Cat Halloween Nails?

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